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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 17, 2018

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CNN lists Eslite Spectrum among ‘world’s coolest department stores’

CNN lists Eslite Spectrum among ‘world’s coolest department stores’

Taipei’s Eslite Spectrum was named one of the “world’s coolest department stores” by CNN July 27, with the facility ranking alongside famous shopping destinations such as Selfridges in London and Le Bon Marche in Paris.

In a time of Internet dominance, when nearly anything can be purchased online, department stores offer an experience that cannot be found in the digital world, reported Maggie Hiufu Wong of CNN. “The space, services and events are all designed according to the traits of the city in which the store is located,” the article quotes Eslite public affairs coordinator Sheerson Tseng as saying.

Eslite Spectrum is primarily known as a bookstore, but the article noted the towering structure, which is situated next to Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Xinyi District, houses much more than novels and comic books. The department store is divided into two main sections, namely Axes and Expo, with the former featuring urban wear from 36 local designers and the latter focusing on lifestyle products.

Handicraft classes are also available, where people can learn how to make their own pottery, glass, woodcarvings and more, the article stated.

The department store is one of Eslite Bookstore’s 45 branches, with 41 locations in Taiwan, three in Hong Kong and one in Suzhou, mainland China. All of the branches sell books, and many also contain coffee shops, art galleries and performance halls.

Eslite is the most famous chain of bookstores in Taiwan, with the original location on Dunhua S. Road in downtown Taipei open 24 hours a day. The bookstore has become a must-see attraction for tourists as it plays host to cultural events and showcases local products and fashion, giving it a special status to the residents of Taipei. (WF-E)

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