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Taiwan Smart Machinery | July 16, 2018

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Accuway Fights for Lead in CNC Lathe Developmen

Accuway Fights for Lead in CNC Lathe Developmen

Accuway Machinery Corporation was founded in 1986 and accumulated a great deal of precision machining technologies and experiences. Enjoying much success, the company moved forward as an OEM supplier of CNC lathes to local machine tooling companies in 2003. It implemented a series of plans in R&D, assembly and inspection in central Taiwan where many precision machinery industries are located.

Accuway’s machine tools, featuring innovative design, outstanding performance and high quality, can meet various processing demands such as metal parts, boat crafting, rail vehicles, power supplying, bicycle parts, automobile manufacturing, oil and energy industries, mold panel and aerospace applications, etc. Its CNC machine lathes and vertical machining center achieve the best milling performance, thus satisfying clients’ various requirements for precision processing production.

With a solid background in R&D, Accuway has accumulated integrated technology and various patent rights for key milling lathe components, including independent high rigidity foundry structure, vertical and horizontal machine belts, electric spindle motors, hydraulics, servo and power tool turrets.

By embodying the spirit of an old Chinese saying: “Nature follows a simple rule to renew itself over and over, so should human beings keep better and better ”, the company endeavors to further advance and acquire professional knowledge from Germany and Japan. Based on the design of its multi-spindle controllers, multi-tasking turning/milling centers and huge lathes, Accuway has fought for its lead among the competition in the precision machining tool markets.

Its UL-20 lathe, which was showcased at 2014 TMTS features a patented 12-station power turret (BMT-40) with 5 kg affordable loading gentry robot unit that is driven by a servo motor (Mex. 90 m/min) with rapid feeding system, and equipped with turn-over table that allows the robot to make process on both sides of the work piece.

Its storage system [designed with 10 trays stacked set (350 mm height per-tray), automatic material detection, material collected elevator, and tray rotation exchanging system] will make processing more smoothly and efficiently. Its automatic control system contributes to consistent processing and high productivity, thus provide clients with a reliable and optimal turn-key solution.

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