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Taiwan companies boost ties with Filipino food firms

More than 1,700 exhibitors, including Filipino food firms, joined the 2019 Food Taipei 5-in-1 Mega Expo in Taiwan.Philippine trade attache to Taiwan Michael Alfred Ignacio said […]

Taiwan’s manufacturing sector remains stagnant for 8th straight month

The local manufacturing sector remained in contraction mode for the eighth consecutive month in June, amid a global economic slowdown, with the index flashing another “blue […]

Taiwan’s technology exporters benefit from US tariffs on Chinese products

Computers, electronic goods and optical components are the top three sectors in Taiwan that are benefiting from transferred orders and production relocation, said a Ministry of […]

Manufacturing activity contracts for 3rd straight month

In the wake of a slowdown in the global economy, manufacturing activity in Taiwan remained in contraction mode for the third consecutive month in July, according […]

Economics Taiwanese makers of tech devices to be hit by Trump tariffs: MOEA

Taiwanese companies that make laptop computers and telecommunications devices in China are likely to be hit hard by U.S. President Donald Trump’s newly proposed tariffs on […]

Taiwan’s economy remains sluggish but index improves

Taiwan’s economy remained sluggish in June as the global economy slowed down, but an index gauging the local economic climate improved from a month earlier in […]

Taiwan textile manufacturers looking for blue ocean markets outside Vietnam

Taiwanese textile companies in Vietnam are looking for new “blue oceans” as competition becomes stiffer amid the protracted U.S.-China trade dispute that has prompted manufacturers to […]

Taiwan seen still growing in Q2 despite global tech slowdown

Taiwan’s economy likely grew at roughly the same pace in the second quarter as the first despite slowing global demand for technology products that has hit […]

Design Tomorrow

Apply smart manufacturing capabilities to increase value-added outputs.

The purpose of smart machinery is to upgrade Taiwan from precision machinery to smart machinery and export the entire plant output.

Apply smart manufacturing capabilities to increase value-added outputs.
Upgrade Taiwan from precision machinery to smart machinery and export the entire plant output.
Intelligent, self-learning, and communicate with other machines and human operators to transmit data in real time
Encourage manufacturers to invest in smart machinery and to obtain tax credit for Smart Machinery R&D.
Utilize digital technology and integrate and integrate software and hardware equipment.

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